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SEO Packages & Services for Burnley, Clitheroe and all surrounding areas of Lancashire

We have SEO packages starting from £200 p/m! No contract necessary!!

SEO is a major factor to consider when updating or designing a new Website. Implementing SEO is a science in itself and requires a lot of time, effort and research to ensure that your Website is targeting the right people, and that all of your keywords and key phrases are the correct ones for your business.

We are experts in SEO implementation and after collecting the SEO – Search Engine Optimisation information for your business it needs to be implemented on your website and across your social media. The rewards are of great value and will help your page ranking and your business grab first page on search engines. SEO generally takes a minimum of 3 months to achieve its full results and for you to see the benefits, then its an ongoing process to stay on top. However, lots of the benefits are immediate and picked up on Search Engines, very quickly.

Optimising Webpages

Optimising your Webpages correctly improves website weight with search engines and brings in your target audience for your business.  SEO is implemented on and off page – On page SEO involves writing good quality content with targeted keywords. If you have a website already then your SEO implementation will entail reorganising, rewriting some of your text (often rewriting whole page) and highlighting keywords and phrases to make your content more appealing to search engines.

A website that is updated regularly will perform better with search engines, so if you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s a good idea to invest in regular website updates. This could mean advertising special offers, adding new pages or updates about your latest service, or writing weekly articles and tutorials on your products.

Social Media SEO optimisation should be implemented across all your social media to drive traffic to your website. This means not only does your posting and tweets need to be done correctly, your social needs to be key-worded too. Your branding needs to be pushed too and become a recognised branding for your business. This will build trust and bring more visitors to your Business.

SEO Backlinking This is another major part of your SEO implementation and marketing; links can be on directories or built up by creating articles, banners and reciprocal links.  Backlinking to strong brands and high ranking website companies is very good for your business ranking. However linking to good value websites is also good including BLOGS.



We do Custom SEO Services and Package Deals… it all depends on your business needs and what you want.

To help you get an idea of what you get when appointing us to do your SEO services; we have created some SEO Packages with the details of the work that will be implemented. We don’t expect you to understand SEO, but we are able to show you the details of the work involved. Never let anybody do work for you without reports and details of the work they have carried out. You are the manager of your business and we work together. You are fully informed about the work we are doing and what you can expect. TEAM WORK!

Scope Of the Work we Do 

  • Keywords/Key Phrases, Research, Analysis
  • Add or correct important root files to allow for better robot crawling and indexing.
  • Run and report broken links to the client/fix broken links
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Edit content on your website.
  • We will optimise, Title, Description, Meta Data, Links, Header and Alt tags.
  • Monthly Reports – Visitors, Traffic, Top landing Pages Viewed, Top Keywords.
  • Monthly SEO Consultation if needed
  • Link Building to get better ranking and more visitors
  • Newsletter Design and Campaigns

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