SEO Services from ONLY £200

SEO Services from ONLY £200

SEO is a major factor to consider when designing a new website and using social media channels to promote your business .

SEO is a science in itself and ………. requires a lot of time, effort and research to ensure that your website is targeting the right people. We do all the hard work for you analyzing your business to collect the most suited keywords and key phrases for your business. We say keyword, but SEO is so much more than a keyword. We have been doing SEO as professionals since it began when nobody new what we meant, we are the people that grew SEO. You can’t do better than that. I myself was one of the first professional certificate holders in the UK. Now we have many, but not all of them are true professionals.

For your business:

After we have collected the correct information for your business it needs to be implemented on your website & across your social media and other platforms. SEO generally takes a minimum of 3 months to achieve good results and for you to see the benefits, then it’s an ongoing process to stay on top.


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Burnley Market

Burnley Market Traders get 10% OFF products all year round. We want to build Burnley businesses and make them a success. We have decided to give Burnley Markets traders discount for any products they buy from us. This maybe a website or a package.

It will be ongoing as we want to see Burnley Market grow. It’s a great market now with so much to offer and people need to know about the stall and what is on offer. I was amazed at how many fancy food and eateries they have and the food is top quality standard.  The atmosphere is delightful and it looks like business is booming for most stalls and this is having a good impact for Burnley shoppers. Gone are the days when markets were just a place to get products cheaper; Burnley market has a full array of products from eateries to Botox… yep top glam and fine food.

If you haven’t been to Burnley market for a while, it’s time to go and check it out and enjoy a nice meal.

For all you Burnley Market Traders we have 10% off our Social Media packages, SEO Packages, Websites and Maintenance retainers just for you.

Our Burnley Social Media Packages can have a real impact on your business and we can start from scratch by creating graphics that match your branding for all your Social Media – Facebook – Twitter – Google+ and Pinterest if appropriate. You may want a package just to try it out and that is fine, we one off’s. Using Social Media correctly is great for your business and can be enjoyable when you get to understand it and how to use it.

If you fancy taking on an SEO Package, then the discount of 10% applies the same as for Social Media. SEO is complicated and can be tedious as you wait for results, but for your business SEO is a must. SEO on page is when the needed text and keywords to target the correct customers is added, but also good quality text and images. SEO needs to run throughout your website to work correctly. Off-site SEO is a little different as that brings customers to your website through third parties using backlinks, which are created on many types of website and directories.

Having a quality website that is correctly optimised will be picked up by search engines and when your website is checked against the algorithms it will get ranked higher due to the text graphics and product information. All pages are checked to see if they are informative to your ordinance and that browsing through your website is easy with no broken links, this makes your website user friendly.

As you can see your website is more than just a website it is a SHOP online and it must be treated, just as you would a shop on the high street. Burnley Market Traders should have both to get more business. A market stall and an online shop will complement your business and depending on the business you can sell products, while you sleep or have appointments booked online. It’s easy get your business to boom….